Friday, July 14, 2017

Alice as a cat ...

... Alice as a cat ...
I do not know which day this was for Alice.

She did go to Mud Day, where children get to play in the mud and then be hosed off by the firefighters.

There was another holiday -- one with a name I did not catch, but a holiday nevertheless where she got to be painted like a cat.

Her saddest moment of the evening was having a bath where all of the makeup was taken off.

A sad day for anyone when a mask is removed.

Canada Day brought another kind of painting for her, one I did not capture with my camera.  Canada Day she got to have "red" in her hair and it has taken many days for that to come out.  Landon had the same kind of red in his hair and on his skin.  Many latherings of soap in the water and subsequent dunkings weren't enough to stop the dye from running down his forehead and cheeks from his hair.

A wonderful celebration of 150 years of Canadian settlement!



  1. Oh, the colours in this picture and her cute little tongue on that popsicle. What a precious picture.

  2. The tip of her little nose seems to be getting frozen at the top of the popsicle.

    I still remember how sad she was to have the cat make-up taken off. She must have imagined herself into the part all day!