Friday, July 14, 2017

Gaming at 9 pm

I live in a cabin in the wilderness. Well, not really. But it seems like the wilderness, for these is a winding road through a heavily treed forest and virgin land to the left of where I live. So when the door bell rings, I think it could only be the Jehovah witness couple on my doorstep.

But no.  Today it was Andrew Bates, coming to ask David, Meighan and Ceilidh if they want to play tag.  It is just 9 pm and there will be an hour more of daylight.

David Camps Johnson has been sick all day.  When the invitation came, he put on his flip flops and trudged up the hill with his other cousins.  I didn't try to stop him, even though he is white as a ghost.  He waits all winter for the influx of cousins on the property.  Andrew and he are second cousins, but between all of them, they don't sort out the relationships.  It is just the cousins playing tag.  So the 10, 11 and 12 year old walked up my road toward the home whose architectural feature is a six foot high rock, the place that will be "home free" for tonight's game of tag.

Summer.  The best time ever.


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