Monday, July 10, 2017

Forest Fires

Photo: Rebecca

Looking to Bastion Mountain from Arta's porch
The air smells as though there is a camp fire burning close by.

In reality there are 140 forest fires in northern B.C.  To underline the fact, the people at William's Lake have been evacuated.

There is no way to contain the fires, though the forestry will continue to him them with fire retardant.  The only hope is rain.

And so the air smells as though there is a camp fire going on.  Rebecca and I took our morning walk in it, being amazed at how the view changes when there is smoke everywhere.

The first 5,000 steps of the day only takes 2 lengths, from Janet and Glen's house to Bernie Road and then back again.  We were busy identifying the wild plants and trying to name their uses.  The St. John's Wart is everywhere right now -- that beautiful star-tipped flower that controls depression.

I have been asked by a fellow travellor on the earth, if she could pick some.  I tell everyone to go at it.  I don't know the formula to take it from flower to tablet.


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