Friday, July 14, 2017

Placing Number One

Doral asked Meighan and Ceilidh what they would like to do on this the second last day of their holiday with him. They suggested mini golf or the go carts. He said they had previously asked to go on a walking tour of Salmon Arm. We talked about that a bit. Would you just walk down the street of the shops that inhabit one of the original buildings: the Merchant's Block. There is the African shop there -- the one where Wyona says you can find merchandise cheaper than you can find it in Niarobi. And there is the Barber's Daughter if you need a haircut. And a shoe store or a bank.

Alternately we could go to Piccadilly Square, Doral said.

One of the girls thought a tour of Sicamous would be fun. Afterall, that is where Sicamous Sands can be found.

And then Meighan said it, the magical words? Why would I go to Sicamous Sands when I can go to grandma's beach.

Talk about saying the golden words.

I told her that she had just place first in the race to become my favourite grandchild.

Escape: The Curse of the Temple
Doral wanted to play one of his new games for the day.  So out came a 10 minute game.  When he gives a time to a game, I think he is softly mocking me, for the last 45 minute game that he offered, when until well after 1 am.

But no.  This is a 10 minute game.  And there is a timer, both a sand timer and a timer from u-tube that comes with a sound track for the 10 minute game.

Die are rolled and a person must go from room to room, collectively helping to find treasure.

I kept hearing words from Doral that I didn't like:  "Grandma, you are going the wrong way!"

Well, better hearing it in a game than in real life.


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