Friday, July 14, 2017

The Best Gaming holiday ever

Doral said that Ticket to Ride is an easier game to play when it is the American version.

I was plummeted into the European version, complete with the names of famous cities spelled in a different way.

I could hardly find my way around the board when I was given tickets and a chance to ride virtually around Europe, building my own railroad lines.

Meighan, Ceilidh and David far surpassed me, and though I had been to many of the cities named, I could no longer find them on the board.

I am actually really happy to come in last.

I am just happy to be invited into the game at all.
... game board ...

Instead of being focused on the game  I am in wonder at the glorious packing these new games come in.

And when the cellophane is unwrapped, I am busy studying the small trains or in this case, the cards that are dealt to players in twos or even in fives.

At one point I had to ask what the image on the card represented, and David said, "Grandmother, that is the back of the card, not the front that you are supposed to be looking at."



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