Friday, July 14, 2017

The Candy Cupboard

fun sorts
Not everyone has a candy cupboard.

Where ever they go.

Well, maybe they do, and I just don't know about it.

Doral has a candy cupboard at work, one at home, one in his holiday bedroom and now one in my kitchen.

He knows how to stock them well.

I was with him in Salmon Arm and one of our stops was the Bulk Barn.

blue raspberry bon bons
I only go there with Moiya, but on this trip I could see that Doral knows his way around the Bulk Barn and was asking me if I could pick out candy I like.

Over the years, I am having fewer and fewer choices that are appealing to me.

I did find one in the Bulk Barn:  chocolate covered ginger.

I fished out just enough for everyone to have one piece.

That would be five pieces for $.51.

A bargain!  Ten cents a piece to find out if these tasted as good as I thought they would.

Ceilidh and Meighan gave them a thumbs up.  David didn't even want to take the taste test.
sour watermelon slices
That was OK really since there were still wild strawberry to taste, as well and blackcurrant and strawberry bonbons in the bag.

At our house, a person just can't make it through the candy cupboard, especially since it is also stocked with every kind of chip known to man.

What a holiday!



  1. If Rebecca and I had been there, soap candies (also known as floral gums) would have been on the list. The health food bulk store in the mall in Salmon Arm is one of only a handful of places across Canada that I know of that sell them.

  2. Doral is gone now. Back to St. Albert. Ceilidh and I have gathered all of the candy together to see what we need next. There are pockets of candy everywhere. We just ran across a bag full of candy that looks like lego, but it is in the nice pastel colours.

    If you come back, we will get soap candies for you. Right now Ceilidh is still traumatized by the Kiwi who found her stash of candy and only ate the chocolate covered pretzels. How would the dog have known to do that?

    The Bulk Barn made it to the top of one of my outings with Doral. He knows his merchandize and was willing to buy goods for all. I got into the spirit of purchasing what was on the top of my list. What a day -- a 77 year old woman going crazy in the Bulk Barn isles.