Monday, July 10, 2017

The Games continue

LtoR: Duncan, (David hiding behind Duncan), Ceilidh, Rebecca, Doral, Meighan
It is almost midnight and the gaming has just stopped.

The day ended with Citadels.

But today we have also done Once Upon a Time and Forbidden Island.

The last two games were unfamiliar to me.

I thought I would be a star at Once Upon a Time since it is themed around building a fairy tale.

But it was mostly a game of hilarious laughter and over-talk.

You would have to have been there to have enjoyed it.

It was a testimony to me that all of those fables that we read to the kids so long ago, were emblazoned on their memories.

Now there is elevated talk of witches, dragons, magical rings, dungeons and deep dark forests.

However there is no fear operating now, but just gales of laughter as they use their cards, trying to make a cooperative fairy tale.
I have never done so much gaming. I usually leave that to others and head to the kitchen to keep it clean.

But Doral came with so many games that I have been lured to the gaming table.

Forbidden Island required so much cooperation that on my turn, I would just ask the other players, what I should do to help save us, anything that would get us to the helicopter pad and off the island.

David Doral often had the suggestion that saved the day.

No kidding.  I am  having fun.


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